Mongolian Death Worm

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The Mongolian death worm is a vicious predator that lives in the deserts between Mongolia and China proper. The Steppe nomads, whose economy is extremely dependent on animal husbandry, rightly fear this creature because of its fondness for the meat of oxen, goats, and horses.

Despite its name, the Mongolian death worm looks more like a dark red snake, 50- to 150-cm long. Its head and its tail are difficult to tell from each other because the Mongolian death worm has no visible eyes, nostrils or mouth.
The Mongolian death worm moves undetected under the sand of the desert and springs out to attack its victim, by either spraying a deadly poison or acid at the victim or by emitting electrical charges. The range and the effect of these attacks is as per below.

STR 2D6+6 (13)
CON 2D6+6 (13)
SIZ 1D6+1 (4-5)
POW 3D6 (10-11)
DEX 2D6+3 (10)
Damage bonus: N/A (only ranged attacks)
Hit Points 9
Move 8

Stealth 75%

Poison spit - 75%
Acid spray - 75%
Electrical charge - 60%

Range: 4m
The POT of the poison is equal to the CON of the Mongolian death worm.
Range: 6m
This is a very strong acid (see p211 of BRP) that corrodes anything it touches.
Range: 6m
This causes 3D6 of damage if the target is at less than 2m; 2D6 less
than 4m; 1D6 less than 6m.

Armour: Skin 2 points

Hit Location table
1D20 | Hit Location | Hit Point Value
1-8 | Tail | 1/3 total HP
9-16 | Body | 2/5 total HP
17-20 | Head | 1/3 total HP

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