Asian TTRPGs

Except for Japan, there aren't many Asian tabletop RPGs out there. Here are a few links to Asian tabletop RPG companies/individuals that I have found online:

Cadua Sirmata, from the Philippines (facebook)

Ginintuan: Legends of the Golden Sea (fantasy setting based on Philippine culture)

Curious Chimeras, from Singapore (web-site):

Tales Of Saintrest and the Three Paths System (South-East Asian Hindu-Buddhist rural horror fantasy.)

划拳 huá quán (duelling martial arts TTRPG)

Liquor Canini, from the Philippines (web-site)

Karanduun (fantasy TTRPG)

Megaladon Games, from the Philippines (facebook)

Yore Campaign Setting, for D&D 5th ed.

Role Over Play Dead, from Malaysia (blog)

Ech0 Micro-RPG (GM-less TTRPG for kids)

Summerhaven Games (drivethruRPG shop)

Knife to Know You (a teen pulp horror module for D&D 5th ed.)

Sword Prince Games, from the Philippines (patreon)

Arch Angel Dating Simulator (Romance and the supernatural)

undeadR (drivethruRPG shop)

Ramayana Run, for D&D 5th ed.

Vorazunbrews, from the Philippines (facebook)

D&D 5th ed. supplements