The Armament of the Míng Dynasty Soldier

The following are, in BRP terms, the typical weapons and armour of Míng dynasty soldiers. Throughout its history, the Míng dynasty has been obsessed with the Mongol threat. As a result, and despite their southern origin, the Míng have extensively trained their troops to fight against cavalry.

Lance 1D12+db (impaling)
Bow 1D6+2+½db (impaling)
Knife 1D3+db (impaling)
Lamellar armour 6 AP
Light helmet 2 AP

Halberd 3D6+db (bleeding), or Sabre 1D8+1+db (bleeding)
Heavy clothing 1 AP
Light helmet 2 AP

Spear 1D8+1+db (impaling)
Heavy clothing 1 AP
Light helmet 2 AP
Long shield

Crossbow 2D6 (impaling)
Spear 1D8+1+db (impaling)
Papier-mâché hauberk 2 AP (4 AP vs missiles)

Míng cavalrymen, and infantrymen from the 'anti-cavalry squads' are intensively drilled; as a result, their weapon skills should be in the 50~60% range.

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