The Armament of the Táng Dynasty Soldier

The following are, in BRP terms, the typical weapons and armour of Táng dynasty soldiers. It is to be noted that Táng armament is much heavier compared with later dynasties. The following are typical Imperial troops.

Lance 1D12+db (impaling)
Sword 1D8+db (bleeding)
Scale armour 6 AP
Heavy helmet 3 AP

Sword 1D8+db (bleeding)
Bow 1D6+2+½db (impaling)
Heavy clothes 1 AP

Sword 1D8+db (bleeding), or Spear 1D8+1+db (impaling)
Bow 1D6+2+½db (impaling)
Chain mail 7 AP
Heavy helmet 9 AP

Táng imperial armies were intensively drilled; as a result, their weapon skills should be in the 50~60% range.

Feudal armies were still existing under the Táng (they completely disappeared afterwards). As a result, some troops directly placed under the command of a noble may have different equipment.

Crossbowmen became more common under the Sòng, however the GM may introduce them in a late Táng game.

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