Spring and Autumn Annals of Master Lǚ (Lǚshì chūnqiū 呂氏 春秋)

This is a collective encyclopædia compiled in the 3rd century BC. It is a massive work, which comprises 26 juǎn (巻 "scrolls; books") in 160 piān (篇 "sections"), and which is divided into three major parts:
- 紀 Jì The Almanacs
- 覽 Lǎn The Examinations
- 論 Lùn The Discourses

It covers a vast range of topics, beginning with the seasons, the corresponding phenology and the integrative correlation of all appearances in the universe, and treating all different matters in state and society, economy, military, and behaviour. It thus serves as a handbook for a person in a high position to better understand the correlations of all things on earth. The language of the Lǚshì chūnqiū is very vivid, especially by the use of parables and allegories and the many semi-historical stories reported.
Because the book had been categorised as a "miscellaneous book" it lost attraction for long centuries. Only under the Qīng did scholars again become interested in this comprehensive manual.

As a consequence, the Spring and Autumn Annals of Master Lǚ can be considered as a very rare work in campaigns set before the Qīng, and the GM can use it as a "treasure item" for scholarly-oriented characters.
A player character who peruses the volume for one full day, and who then rolls successfully under Literacy (Classical Chinese) before the use of any Mental skill will receive a bonus of 2d3×10% to the character's score in the skill; for Communication skills, the bonus is 2d3×5%.

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