Asian Barbaric Tribe Generator

This is another post inspired by Secret Santicore 2011! This time I am Sinicising Zak Sabbath's Barbaric Tribe Generator.

Roll 6D10 and 2D8, and pray Guānyīn for mercy!

㊀ TABLE I: The cruel and barbarous ways that they adorn themselves

  1. With dogs. Each is chained to a dog (see p335 of BRP)
  2. With a strange bluish paint that renders them fanatical (see p75 of TCE) for ten minutes
  3. With the skins of their forebears. Each tribesman must grow all fat in his dotage so that his son may wear a suit made from his skin and hide inside it. Nobody knows what they look like
  4. With barbarous tattooings. Actually they're pretty bright — each tribesman keeps all his important information tattooed somewhere. Notes on habits of local fauna, phases of the moon, maps, last time the neighbouring trading post was looted, and so on
  5. With the garish and mismatching patterns of many animals. The effect is equivalent to Befuddling the onlookers (see p75 of TCE)
  6. With elaborate tattoos made of Chinese characters. Any literate onlooker will try and read the tattoos instead of fighting the tribesman
  7. With dung. They a-smear themselves and this attracts bugs that act as an insect swarm (see p336 of BRP) against enemies
  8. With the bones and teeth of their fallen (human) foes. New and untested tribesmen have like no clothes upon them because they never killed anyone and the old warmaster crusties have like bonetooth armour (4AP)
  9. With poison (POT 10+1D4). Overcome the poison's potency or take damage equal to it
  10. With two cartridge belts

㊁ TABLE II: Their savage and ignorant beliefs

  1. They don't believe in killing animals because they're innocent. Got no problem killing people though
  2. They believe the soul is contained in the right foot and will evince an unhealthy obsession with severing a foe's right foot, to the exclusion of all other hit locations. Subtract 10 from all their mêlée hit location rolls
  3. They hate food and the eating of food. Publicly. In secret they all eat food (of course) and like it but in company they pretend they don't
  4. They don't believe in Confucianist virtue, Buddhist non-violence, Daoist wúwéi, etc.; they believe in quite the opposite, actually
  5. They believe that emissaries of foreign religions are an abomination and will concentrate all their energy on destroying any priestly player characters
  6. They believe it is blasphemous to use anything that is not stolen. Their equipment, homes, mounts and mates are all stolen
  7. They believe that if they are seen by anyone older than them they'll be owned by them in the afterlife
  8. They believe the first attack must always be a bite. They sharpen their teeth
  9. They believe that collecting their foes' severed heads will advance them spiritually. Add 10 to all their mêlée hit location rolls
  10. They believe that they are the only humans beings in the world and that all other people are demons in disguise

㊂ TABLE III: Details on the tribe's leader

  1. He is hideous and clothed in shadow
  2. He has worms in his head
  3. He has a hump like a camel, filled with jewels
  4. He owes a PC a single favour
  5. His fingernails are nine cùn long (see p20 of TCE)
  6. He is a Nāga (see p125 of TCE)
  7. He is a Yaksha (see p126 of TCE)
  8. He hopes to wage war against the moon and betroth Cháng'é
  9. He's always intoxicated
  10. He is, secretly, at the centre of all events in the campaign

㊃ TABLE IV: Their vicious bestial totems

  1. Their totem is the locust. They gibber and swarm
  2. Their totem is the maggot. They revel in ignorance
  3. Their totem is the jackal. They belong to treachery
  4. Their totem is the crocodile. They are patient, they are swift
  5. Their totem is the hog. They wallow and they wail
  6. Their totem is the scorpion. They live in solitude
  7. Their totem is the centipede. They form a long lean line
  8. Their totem is the snow leopard. They move in darkness
  9. Their totem is the wolf. They harry and howl
  10. Their totem is the suānní. They will burn you

㊄ TABLE V: The tribe's most sacred and vile object of reverence

  1. A powder with unusual properties
  2. Yak butter. A mound of it
  3. Your tears and those of many foes. In a great urn
  4. A baby wǎngliǎng (see p115 of TCE)
  5. The clothes once worn by a corrupt xiān
  6. A trident
  7. The defaced stone ball of a shīzi (see p126 of TCE)
  8. A Tarim mummy
  9. A fat, four-footed weasel carved of lard, smothered in beets
  10. Severed fingers, kept in the finest silk

㊅ TABLE VI: The twisted shamans that guide them

  1. Atavistic, armed with acid, aided by asps
  2. Belligerent, bony, bedecked with baubles. Breathes bats
  3. A crazed and crooked crone. Covered in clusters of candles
  4. A devious dervish. Dominates demons with a dazzling dance
  5. An eight-eyed exotic. An eater of eldritch energies. Engages in echolocation
  6. A fat faction of fleshy flagellants
  7. A glossy guǐ-gadfly. Guarded by ghosts
  8. A hebephrenic harlot. Housed in a hexagon
  9. An idiot and an incunabulist
  10. A jovial juvenile in a jewelled jerkin

㊆ TABLE VII: The tribe's name

Roll 2D8 (for first and second syllable of tribe's name):

  1. Bái-
  2. Běi-
  3. Cháng-
  4. Chì-
  5. Dōng-
  6. Luǒ-
  7. Nán-
  8. Xī-

  1. -dí
  2. -fán
  3. -hú
  4. -lǔ
  5. -mán
  6. -qiāng
  7. -róng
  8. -yí

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