Encyclopaedia of Historiography

The Encyclopaedia of Historiography by French academic publisher INALCO is freely available on-line (but not off-line) here.

It features many articles about East Asia of interest to referees and players of The Celestial Empire, inter alia:
  • East Asian Monetary History
  • Biographies of Buddhist Monks and Nuns
  • Sources for the History of Taoism
  • Chinese Imperial Capitals (The)
  • Codes and Legal Works in China
  • Historical and Institutional Encyclopaedias (zhengshu)
  • Travel Books (The) (China)
  • Chinese Cartography
  • Matteo Ricci’s World Map (The) (1602)
  • “Accounts of the Eastern Barbarians” in Chinese Official Dynastic Histories
  • Koryŏsa 高麗史 고려사 : the Official History of the Koryŏ Kingdom
  • Yongjae Ch’onghwa 慵齋叢話 (Yongjae Narratives)
  • Chronicle of the Voyage of Nosongdang to Japan
  • Instructions of the Keian Era (The)
  • Japanese Documents from the Edo Period relating to the Imjin War
  • Cao Bằng: Sources for the History of a Borderland in Vietnam before the 20th Century

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