New Rules, New Campaign

I am currently writing a new East Asian-flavoured role-playing game. This new book won't use the Basic Role-Playing System like The Celestial Empire does, but the Effect Engine (used in Monsters & Magic) by Sarah Newton.

Another major difference with The Celestial Empire is that the new book, whose working title is Oriental Monsters & Magic, will focus on a particular time period, namely the 16th century. Also, instead of having China as its central focus and depict the neighbouring countries from a Sinocentric point of view, Oriental Monsters & Magic will try and focus in equal mode on the four civilised countries that surround the East China Sea: Míng China, Joseon Korea, Muromachi/Azuchi-Momoyama Japan, and the Ryūkyū kingdom.

I have started a playtesting campaign for the new rules set in Míng China. You can find the campaign log here (beware, it's in French!).


  1. Vaya, mucha suerte con el proyecto, y que llegue a buen puerto.

    Sólo una pregunta. En Celestial Empire se menciona en más de una ocasión la futura publicación de un libro que trataría sobre las culturas limítrofes con la China, como los mongoles.

    ¿Significa esto que ya no habrá posibilidad de ver este contenido en un manual para BRP?

  2. Actually there still is a book about the Inner Asian nomads, based upon the Basic Role-Playing System, in the works. I am currently a player in a play-by-post game using that ruleset; you can have a look at the campaign blog here: http://wos-rpg.over-blog.com/

  3. Ah, genial, entonces. Leyendo Celestial Empire me quedé con ganas de más sobre estos otros pueblos. Me alegra saber que no se ha abandonado el proyecto.