The Celestial Empire as a stand-alone role-playing game

As written on page 3 of the rule book, The Celestial Empire is not a stand-alone role-playing game, since it was designed to be used with Chaosium's Basic Roleplaying (BRP) System.

However, if the gamemaster (GM) has decided to run a campaign game that does not use magic and wǔshù powers (like for instance a strictly historical game), then the GM can simply download the free BRP Quick-Start Edition. The latter includes all the basic rules needed to run a TCE game: character creation, skill use, resistance table, experience, combat, and spot rules.

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  1. Hey all, there are three of us on the RPGnet forums that are interested in playing a martial arts game using Basic Roleplaying, possibly with the Celestial Empire and / or Dragon Lines supplements. Some pretty interesting discussion at this thread (including wuxia in spa-a-ace!):


    If you might be interested in playing, and especially if you'd consider GMing, please check it out! Thanks!