RuneQuest 6: Mysticism

In his February 2012 update about the upcoming RuneQuest 6 fantasy role-playing game, Design Mechanism author Lawrence Whitaker announces the following:
RQ6 will have five very different magic systems: Folk Magic (Common Magic as was), Animism (spirit magic), Mysticism (brand new), Theism (Divine) and Sorcery. [...] Mysticism is completely new and aims to allow characters to replicate all manner of wuxia, martial arts, ki, and other powers that focus on self-realisation and potential. Its not a spell-based system, but it does have a very wide range of different effects/talents to offer considerable flexibility.

This is obviously a very interesting piece of news for any Celestial Empire fans. Knowing the work of the authors of RuneQuest 6, I expect RuneQuest 6 to feature a very kinematic combat system. If you like the historical or literary approach to Imperial China, keep the current BRP-based implementation of the rules. But if you like to centre your games on combat and action, you may well be advised to check RuneQuest 6 out when it's available and consider it as a possible replacement to the BRP.

More on this when RuneQuest 6 is finally available!


  1. I like (Chaosium) RQ2. I don't like (AH) RQ3, and pretty much have to fiddle with BRP as a result, to get the gaming experience I prefer. Too bad they had to use RQ3 as such a big basis for the Big Gold Book. (IMO)

    I was very disappointed in Hero Wars, and refused to buy Heroquest as a result.

    As you may guess from the above, I was very much put off by MRQ. It just went farther away from the RQ2 that I prefer.

    So, I have very little interest in yet another system that moves further away from the game I love.

    Also, personally, I think it's a shame that those guys are trying to move into an area where there are currently published rules. I won't be moving away from Celestial Empire, certainly not for yet another system along a branch that I disliked to start with.

  2. I'm also a big fan of (the original) RQ2 and I like my BRP to feel that way. However, I do acknowledge that there are other flavours of BRP, and that some GMs and players may prefer those.

    Anyway, thanks for the kind words vis-à-vis TCE :)

  3. I have my eye on the RQ6 that is coming out, also.
    Thanks for your insight on BPR vs other related systems.

  4. @ Baron Greystone

    Interesting comment you made about Design Mechanism 'trying to move into an area where there are currently published rules.'

    I don't have 'Celestial Empire' and nor have I read it. I'm sure its wonderful at what it does. The mysticism rules in RQ6 are there to complement the other four magic systems and simulate the kind of mysticism found in many fantasy novels and films - not just wuxia.

    We're not intending to compete with, replace or detract from Celestial Empire. There are many fantasy games where rules and subject matter overlap. Its really no more complicated or insidious than that.