TCE Review on RPG.net

Wow... The Celestial Empire has just been reviewed on RPG.net and has received the following marks:
Style: 5 (Excellent!)
Substance: 5 (Excellent!)

The funny thing is that, although I am happy with what the reviewer wrote on the cultural part of The Celestial Empire, I disagree with him on most of the technical or game engine-related comments!


  1. Coincide en varios puntos con mis propios comentarios acerca del libro. Aunque yo no encontré defectos a las mecánicas escogidas, simplemente ocurre que RQ6 me gusta más que BRP. Kafka parece ser de la misma opinión, aunque su juicio sobre Basic RolePlaying parece algo más duro.

    ¿En qué estás en desacuerdo, hablando de la mecánica de reglas?

  2. Like Cronista, I'm curious about which parts of the game-science you disagree with Kafka about.

  3. Well, if you look at the way the 'Review Summary' is worded, it implies that The Celestial Empire is a RuneQuest 6 supplement — which is wrong. This shows that the reviewer is probably not that familiar with the subtleties of the various D100 systems.

    Now if we look at the review itself. Of course I'm the author of TCE and — except for the lack of an introductory scenario — I am quite satisfied with my book, but what I've usually been criticised for is that the chapter on Martial Arts (p66) is underdeveloped; the reviewer thinks it's too developed!
    I also have trouble understanding what the reviewer really thinks of the magic system. Apparently he's implying that my implementation of the RQ6 magic system is lacking; well, TCE is based on BRP, not on RQ6! His words with regards to the Islamic magic section (of which I'm pretty proud despite its brevity) are also quite confusing.

    But that's nitpicking. The reviewer liked the culture part, which is in my opinion the most important part of the book, so I'm actually quite happy of the review and of the marks.

    1. Pues tienes razón, es cierto que parece haberse despistado con el juego del que se nutre The Celestial Empire.